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Australia has one of the highest recorded prevalence of diabetes for a developed nation. Foot care for people with diabetes is important because diabetes affects the feet in two ways. Diabetes can reduce blood circulation and also damage the nerves to the feet.


CFPM has a diabetic foot health strategy which is based upon scientifically proven methods promoted by the Australian Podiatry Council and Diabetes Australia. It is recommended that people with diabetes (especially insulin dependent diabetics) organise a regular appointment with one of our Podiatrists to care for a comprehensive assessment of your needs and to outline a management plan.

Our Podiatry team has created a three step program to manage diabetic foot health.


Remember feet are for lifeā€¦

Make a time with one of our podiatry team to implement a pragmatic and effective strategy.


Recommendation: A few simple steps can help prevent foot problems. A checklist of simple strategies to care for feet include:

  • Check feet daily for any signs of skin abrasions, blisters, corns or changes in colour
  • Wash feet daily and dry well between the toes
  • Keep toenails trimmed. Cut toenails straight across and file rough edges
  • Avoid foot trauma by wearing well-fitting, protective shoes
  • Do not treat corns or callus using home remedies or using commercially available corn pads. Rather have your feet treated by a podiatrist
  • Avoid wearing tight shoes. Have enough toe room within the shoe to prevent over-crowding of the toes

Regular Podiatry appointments have been proven to improve quality of life and prevent diabetic foot related complications.